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Products to Support Your New Year’s Intentions

Support your new years intentions and resolutions with products crafted by Harmonic Arts.

Elizabeth Ferns |

This year, we’re shifting the narrative. Instead of crafting rigid resolutions, we believe that setting goals should allow room for grace. Change is constant, and setting intentions removes the shame and guilt that can be associated with not adhering to a resolution. Endless possibilities lie ahead, and no act of self-care is too small. We’re here to lend a helping hand with herbal allies and products that can support your new year’s intentions.

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your health care practitioner before adding any new herbs to your wellness routine.


Products for Soothing Stress

Help your body adapt to everyday stressors.

Reishi Mushroom Capsules

Our Reishi Mushroom Capsules make it easy to add this nourishing and potent adaptogen to your wellness routine. This functional mushroom is celebrated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for its ability to promote a grounded body and mind, helping us relax and find a sense of ease.

Adapt Artisan Tea

Sip to supportive stress resilience while nurturing your inner sunshine with our Adapt Artisan Tea. This loose-leaf tea blend features adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms like Reishi, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola that ground the body and soothe the mind.

Uplifted Spirits Tincture Blend

Uplifted Spirits can provide restorative support for symptoms of anxiety, depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. This Tincture Blend was intentionally formulated to promote emotional balance. Herbs like Eleuthero, St. John’s Wort, and Lemon Balm work to gently energize, ease restlessness, and calm the nervous system.


Products for Getting Active

Give yourself a boost of energy and endurance.

Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

This functional mushroom is prized for its impressive action on the respiratory system. Cordyceps can improve oxygen uptake, helping to circulate more oxygen into our cells. This works to increase endurance, build strength, and combat fatigue.

Kickstart Elixir

Our Kickstart Elixir features a rich blend of mushrooms and herbs to ignite your senses and restore energy. Ingredients like Cacao, Yerba Mate, and Maca provide valuable antioxidants while supporting energy and an uplifted mood.

Shilajit Powder

Shilajit is considered a panacea (a remedy for all diseases) in Ayurvedic medicine because of its effectiveness in the treatment of various ailments. Supplementing with Shilajit has been linked to the regulation of ATP synthesis in the muscles during exercise, supporting elevated energy and endurance.


Products for Learning a New Skill

Enhance focus, memory, and creativity.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder

In TCM, Lion’s Mane enhances cognitive function, promoting “nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.” This functional mushroom has been involved in many studies exploring its ability to treat neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Our Lion’s Mane Powder is water-soluble, making it easy to access these benefits by adding it to coffee, tea, smoothies, or any other recipe that calls for a functional boost.

Matcha Mind Elixir

Our Matcha Mind Elixir is powered by mind and mood-enhancing superfoods like Matcha, Lion’s Mane and Moringa. These herbal allies work to improve cognitive function, focus, and mental clarity, giving the body a gentle boost of energy without the crash.

Clarity Artisan Tea

Our Clarity Artisan Tea is intentionally crafted with herbal allies like Gingko, Gotu Kola and Holy Basil. These herbs are historically used to uplift and aid in finding focus and flow throughout the day.


Products for Your Next Adventure

Fortify immunity and digestive health for comfortable travels.

5 Mushroom Capsules

Our 5 Mushroom Capsules are formulated to support whole-body balance by boosting energy, building resilience to stress, enhancing immunity, and providing valuable antioxidants. It’s packed with fruiting body Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail at potent extract ratios.

Calm Belly Artisan Tea

Packed with Fennel, Meadowsweet, Ginger, and more, our Calm Belly Artisan Tea provides soothing support to the digestive system. Sip on this refreshing blend before or after a meal to give your tummy some TLC.

Immune Depth Tincture Blend

Protect against pathogens with Immune Depth. This Tincture Blend is intentionally crafted with a powerful blend of Echinacea, Reishi, Astragalus, Dang Shen, and Licorice. These herbal allies defend against chronic infections while modulating and deepening immune health.


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Uplifted Spirits Tincture - Harmonic Arts
Uplifted Spirits Tincture
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Shilajit - Wild Harvested
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5 Mushroom Capsules - Harmonic Arts
5 Mushroom Capsules
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Relieve emotional distress and find nervous system support with our Uplifted Spirits tincture. 

Rejuvenate the body and mind with our Shilajit Powder. Formulated with shilajit mineral pitch, this powder can support memory, intellect, and learning ability. 

Our 5 Mushroom Powder provides the combined benefits of the world's top 5 mushrooms. Cultivate whole-body harmony with this potent mushroom blend.

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