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Lion's Mane Herbal Iced Tea

Nothing captures the essence of early summer like a refreshing glass of iced tea. Our Lion’s Mane Concentrated Mushroom Powder and Clarity Tea add a mind-nourishing, herbal twist to this classic.  

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lion’s Mane enhances cognitive function, promoting “nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.” Our Lion’s Mane Powder is water-soluble, making it easy to access these benefits. The herbs in our Clarity Artisan Tea include Gingko, Gotu Kola and Holy Basil. They are historically used to uplift and aid in finding focus and flow throughout the day. 

This herbal iced tea is energizing without the caffeine crash. Try this recipe to spark creativity, boost vitality, and enhance clarity! 

This refreshing recipe makes 2 servings.


What You’ll Need: 

2 TBSP Harmonic Arts Clarity Artisan Tea 

1/2 TSP Harmonic Arts Lion’s Mane Concentrated Mushroom Powder

2 Cups Filtered Water 

1 TSP Raw Honey  

Squeeze of Lemon Juice 


How to Make Lion’s Mane Herbal Iced Tea: 

  1. Boil Clarity Tea in 2 cups of water on stovetop 
  2. Simmer tea for 5-10 minutes before straining 
  3. Whisk Lion’s Mane powder into tea  
  4. Add lemon juice and sweeten with honey, if desired  
  5. Chill in the refrigerator and enjoy on a warm summer day! 


Curious to learn more about our Concentrated Mushroom Powders? Click here to understand where they come from and how we ensure you receive the highest quality. 


Disclaimer: We strongly advise limiting intake to one serving daily to ensure a balanced and safe experience. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before adding any new herbs to your wellness routine. 

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