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Motherwort: The Lion-Hearted Herb - Harmonic Arts

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Motherwort: The Lion-Hearted Herb

Motherwort hails from the mint family and thrives in heavily trafficked areas. Native to Northern Asia and Western Europe, Motherwort made its way over to North America in the 19th century with American colonists. Packed with over 280 phytochemical compounds, including antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the benefits of Motherwort are abundant. This lion-hearted herb is a must-have for your apothecary. 

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your health care practitioner before adding any new herbs to your wellness routine. 



Motherwort’s Latin name, Leonurus cardiaca, translates to ‘lion-hearted’, speaking to its ability to open the heart and ease stressful states. Motherwort’s common name hints at its association with motherhood and uterine health. 


History of Use

Indigenous peoples in America, including the Delaware, Oklahoma, Micmac, Mohegan, and Shinnecock used a Motherwort infusion to support gynecological wellness. The Cherokee and Iroquois used it as a digestive aid, sedative and nerve tonic (1). 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the primary actions of Motherwort (Yi Mu Cao) include stimulating blood flow, breaking stasis and regulating menses. It is often prescribed for irregular menstruation, loss of menstruation, and cramping (2). 


Benefits of Motherwort

Improved Circulation

The terpenoids found in Motherwort can stimulate circulation and oxygenate the blood. Due to the presence of a vasodilating chemical alkaloid called leonurine, this herb eases heart palpitations and slows a rapid heartbeat (3). 

Stress Support

Motherwort’s sedative properties work to ease anxiety and stress both physically and emotionally. It nourishes the emotional heart, helping to melt away anxiety, tension, and stress. One study suggested that Motherwort, in combination with amino acids, can rival the support of anti-anxiety medications currently on the market (4). 

Reproductive Wellness

Motherwort acts on the smooth muscle of the uterus, strengthening reproductive health. Its anti-spasmodic and calming properties soothe cramping and balance menstrual irregularities (3). Motherwort is also a wonderful herbal ally for women entering into menopause (5). 


How to Identify and Harvest Motherwort

As with most mints, Motherwort grows in the wild and has distinctive botanical features. Growing from 2-10 feet tall, this herb has a square stem, opposite leaves, and a flowering top with pale, pink flowers. Its leaves are dull green in color and furry in texture. Intensely bitter, an easy way to identify Motherwort is by tasting its leaves. 

Motherwort is best harvested after it has flowered. When harvesting, the leaves and flowers are packed with the most medicinal benefits. Harvesting the uppermost part of the plant ensures that it will continue to grow and offer abundant medicine for others. 


How to Add Motherwort to Your Wellness Routine

Our intentional formulations make it easy to incorporate this lion-hearted herb into your routine. 

Tincture Blends

Soothe anxiety and promote deep, restful sleep with our Feel Calm tincture.  

Ease menstrual discomfort and support a regulated cycle with our Female Harmony tincture. 

Single Herb Tincture

We offer Motherwort in a bioavailable, single herb tincture. 

Botanical Dispensary

Find dried, organic Motherwort in our Botanical Dispensary. 


Visit Harmonic Arts Live to access webinars that explore more of our favourite herbs and how to use them. 



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