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5 Tips for Reducing Plastic Waste

5 Tips for Reducing Plastic Waste - Harmonic Arts

Elizabeth Ferns |

Plastics are everywhere, and they’ve led to the convenient, efficient and affordable production of items we use every day. Plastics have also led to widespread pollution that is impacting plants, animals and humans alike. Many countries now ban single-use plastics to take better care of our environment. We can make an impact in our own homes as well. Every little bit matters! Start with these 5 tips for reducing plastic waste. 


Our Top 5 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste 

Tip #1: Make Mindful Purchases 

Vote with your dollar by shopping from brands that prioritize compostable and glass packaging. There are many conscious brands that are doing their best to package and ship their products with as little plastic as possible. Some of our favourites include Unwrapped Life, The Earthling Co., and Boreal Folk Apothecary. 

At Harmonic Arts, moving away from plastic packaging is a component of sustainable action we continue to improve on. In 2023, 83% of our packaging was either compostable or recyclable. Our Artisan Tea Collection is packaged in compostable bags, and our Elixir Blends come in compostable canisters. 

Tip #2: Support Local Farmers 

Buying from chain grocery stores often means a lot of plastic packaging. From fruits and vegetables to bulk items, it’s challenging to find items in compostable or minimal packaging. By shopping at your local farmer’s market or health food store, you can drastically reduce the amount of plastic that you bring home with you. Without all the plastic, your food will last longer in your fridge, too! Of course, you still need to carry your purchases home with you, which leads us into our next tip... 

Tip #3: Bring Your Own Containers and Bags 

Reusable bags are a lifesaver when shopping at the grocery store or farmer’s market. From tote bags to produce bags, there are options to suit every need. A brand we love is The Market Bags. They use upcycled or sustainable and organic materials to create their reusable bags. They also lead inspiring initiatives to support community and the environment. 

For a while, the pandemic put a hold on allowing personal thermoses and containers in coffee shops and restaurants. Thankfully, many places are beginning to allow this practice again! It’s a great option for reducing plastic waste if you enjoy grabbing a coffee or ordering takeout regularly. 

Tip #4: DIY Products 

Many household cleaners come in plastic packaging that is tricky to reuse or upcycle. Learning how to make your own self-care and cleaning products at home helps save money and reduce plastic waste. The best part? You likely already have many of the ingredients needed to make them. This article by The Spruce shares how to make a variety of effective cleaning products with 6 common household items. Don’t have time to DIY? Check out your local refillery for bulk cleaning products. 

Tip #5: Upcycle Whenever Possible 

This is one of our favourite tips because it involves getting creative! We’ve seen some folks use our Elixir canisters to pot plants, and the glass jars from our Concentrated Mushroom Powders as small storage containers. Some brands include upcycling as part of their ethos. Tofino Soap Company creates their candles in locally handmade pottery so that you can wash and reuse them as mugs or plant pots. With a little imagination, almost anything can be upcycled and given a new purpose. 


Why is this Important? 

Every action has an impact, no matter how small. And while it does require a bit of a lifestyle adjustment, following some or all of these tips has a positive impact. By reducing the amount of plastic that comes into our homes, we reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our environment. Prioritizing the health of our planet means allowing everything living on it to thrive for many years to come. 

Check out the Harmonic Arts 2023 Impact Report to learn more about our efforts towards sustainability.