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Refresh & Uplift With This Recipe:

Matcha Ginger Spritzer

When the summer sunshine has you daydreaming about leaving work early, whip up this Matcha Ginger Spritzer for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Crafted with our Matcha Mind Elixir, Ginger Syrup, and Cleanse Artisan Tea.

Keep Your Cool With

Iced Artisan Teas

Sip your way to wellness and stay refreshed all summer long by infusing your routine with an iced Artisan Tea. Packed with organic and wild harvested herbs, our tea blends are formulated by Clinical Herbalists and handmade on Vancouver Island.

Herbal Allies To

Energize Your Summer

Whether you’re gearing up for a long hike in the mountains or simply seeking more vitality throughout your day, find support from these energizing herbs and mushrooms.

We're Proud To Be

B Corp Certified

At Harmonic Arts, part of our mission is to nurture the connection between people and planet. Driven by this purpose, we strive to continuously improve our operations and prioritize regenerative actions that help us put the earth first.

Good For You, Good For The Planet

Harmonic Arts provides effective and easy-to-use herbal products that empower everyone on their path to wellness. In alignment with our core values, we continuously strive to nurture the connection between people and planet.Β 

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The Harmonic Arts Difference

The health of our customers, community, and planet is at the heart of what we do. Each day, we align with our core values to continuously improve our business practices and make choices that minimize our footprint and maximize our impact.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

    Our herbs, mushrooms and superfoods are ethically sourced from a range of partners.

  • Quality First

    We test for purity and potency to ensure we’re providing the best of herbs that nature has to offer.

  • Herbalist Formulated

    Our products are intentionally crafted by Clinical Herbalists for effectiveness and ease-of-use.

  • Community Minded

    We’re committed to social responsibility and take action to positively impact our community.

Over 2.4K Reviews From Our Customers

  • Easy to Take, Boosts the Immune System

    5 Mushroom Capsules - Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Capsules

    My experience with the 5 mushroom capsules is great. I feel that my immune system is well protected, I have not been sick with cold or flu since I have been taking them.

    Louise B.
  • Love a Chagaccino!

    Chaga Concentrated Mushroom Powder - Harmonic Arts Chaga Concentrated Mushroom Powder

    Can help support your immunity and give you a massive antioxidant boost!

    Arianne J.
  • Love this product!

    Turkey Tail Concentrated Mushroom Powder - Harmonic Arts Turkey Tail Concentrated Mushroom Powder

    Honestly, I love all H.A. products.
    This turkey tail powder taste good, so I can enjoy it and at the same time know that I am getting all the benefits from this mushroom. I will be ordering it again.

    Line L.
  • A Good Coffee Alternative

    It's not too sweet. It's not too bitter, really like the creaminess with the almond milk. Far as coffee alternatives go, this one is pretty good.

    Christy V.

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Anatomy Of A Mushroom

Our mushroom products contain 100% fruiting body as research shows it contains the highest levels of active compounds.

B Corp Certified

As a company that is devoted to sharing the healing power of plant medicine, sustainable action is at the heart of what we do. Embarking on this B Corp journey has kept us accountable to our community, who values our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing, earth-friendly initiatives, and transparency. By cultivating a balance between people, planet, and profit, we're thrilled to announce that we are officially a certified B Corporation.

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