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Driven By Purpose: The Foundation of Our B Corp Certification

Image shows a patch of white Yarrow flowers with a bumble bee nestled on one of the blooms.

Elizabeth Ferns |

Since the inception of Harmonic Arts, our co-founders Yarrow and Angela Willard knew that they wanted to serve their community with integrity. With a vision of being the change they wanted to see in the world, their need to support the local community evolved into an opportunity to think bigger and learn how to better support the planet. Driven by this purpose, and with a lot of learning and shifting, Harmonic Arts became B Corp Certified in June of 2023. This means upholding a standard to make business a force for good and staying aligned with the company values every step of the way.


B Corp Movement from B Lab on Vimeo.


Value-Based Practices

Our company values remained essential in the journey to getting certified, and they continue to guide us throughout every forward-looking choice we make throughout our operations.

Listening to Understand

As we engaged with mentors and experts along our B Corp journey, we did so with the aim of true understanding, appreciation, and respect. While implementing any changes, we made space for all to be heard and practiced patience, empathy, and open-mindedness.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

This journey to getting certified involved finding and addressing the core issue, reason, and purpose for each change that was made. Doing so with honesty, integrity, alignment, and perseverance was integral to our success.

Leaning In

We relied on our team through trust, connection, and full participation. By being present together, we knew that we could handle anything, and many members of our team spent countless hours learning how to make our operations better.

Sustainable Action

We always encourage choosing actions that are sustainable for ourselves, Harmonic Arts, and the planet. Every action taken throughout this journey was balanced, solid, renewable, and forward-looking.


Sustainable vs. Regenerative Action

While sustainable action is one of our core values, regenerative action is just as important. Not only did we want to maintain the current state of the environment around us, but we wanted to (and continue to) prioritize actions that help nurture new life.

Ethical Sourcing

When sourcing the many herbs that go into our plant-powered products, we prioritize organic whenever possible. This way of farming ensures that the soil is being replenished to support fertility, without the use of harmful pesticides and toxins. Learn more about our sourcing practices here.

Compostable Packaging

By prioritizing planet-friendly packaging, we’re providing the earth with nutrients to grow. Our Elixirs and Artisan Teas feature fully compostable packaging (once any stickers are removed) and have kept over 72,400 lbs of waste from landfills, along with the equivalent of 17,453 plastic bottles from entering the ocean last year. Keeping waste from our natural ecosystems allows enough room for its inhabitants to thrive.

The Cumberland Forest

As part of our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of every Elixir and Artisan Tea sale to the Cumberland Community Forest Society. These donations go towards buying back land from timber companies and nurturing the abundant trees and habitats with the Cumberland Forest.

Staying Certified

While we are thrilled and proud to be a certified B Corporation, that doesn’t mean the work is done. We are continuously striving to increase regenerative action within our operations and work towards supporting the health and wellness of our planet.


A Full-Circle Commitment

We believe that by nurturing the planet, and taking care in using what it has to offer, we’re encouraging a greater care for the planet itself. Focusing on our values throughout this process has allowed us to feel empowered in our learning, and confident in our ability to figure things out as we go.

The entire Harmonic Arts team works in alignment with the company values and are focused on building and shifting our operations together. A willingness to flex based on new information was essential in this journey.

Click here to learn more about our impact, and our commitment to the health of people and planet.