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🍄MUSHROOM SALE: 15% Off Mushroom Products | Use Code: NATURENURTURE🍄
Herbal Bug Repellant - Harmonic Arts

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Herbal Bug Repellant

Ward off pesky mosquitos with this natural DIY bug repellent. Great for the whole family!

You'll Need:

2 C Apple Cider Vinegar
2 TBS each, dried herbs (We carry all of these):
  Clove buds
  Lemon Balm
2 C Water
Large mason jar


1. Add vinegar and herbs to the mason jar.
2. Seal tightly and let steep for 1-2 weeks shaking gently once or twice a day.
3. Strain herbs out with a cheesecloth to get out all the bits.
4. Dilute with 2 C water and store sealed in fridge.
5. Dispense with a spray bottle onto clothing and skin to keep bugs at bay! Reapply every couple of hours as needed.
6. Don't worry, the smell fades when it dries!

Store in fridge when not in use, and use within 2 months.

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