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5 Mushroom Immunity Noodle Bowl

Ramp up your immune system for fall with this easy, plant-based Noodle Bowl. This nourishing recipe features our 5 Mushroom Concentrated Powder, Sea-Veg Blend, and Immune Depth Tincture. 


Featured Ingredients

5 Mushroom Concentrated Powder

Our 5 Mushroom Powder packs a punch with the help of the world’s top medicinal mushrooms: Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail. This powder adds umami flavour and a boost of antioxidants to the broth while activating the immune system. It works to restore whole-body balance in preparation for the colder months.  

Immune Depth Tincture

Enhance immune function and protect against pathogens with Immune Depth Tincture. This herbal formula features a powerful blend of Echinacea, Reishi, Astragalus, Dang Shen and Licorice. These plant allies defend against chronic infections while modulating and deepening immune health. 

Sea-Veg Blend 

Our Sea-Veg Blend features Dulse, Nori, Sea Lettuce and Wakame. These nourishing sea veggies provide an extra boost of vitamins and minerals to this Immunity Noodle Bowl. 


This recipe makes 2 servings, with plenty of broth for leftovers! 


What You’ll Need

5 cloves garlic, chopped 

1 3-inch piece ginger, peeled + diced 

1 medium yellow onion, chopped 

6 ups vegetable stock  

1 - 2 handfuls of dried or fresh mushrooms (preferred type) 

2 TB Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Concentrated Powder 

2-3 TB Harmonic Arts Sea-Veg Blend 

2 TB tamari or soy sauce (or more to taste) 

1 TB miso paste 

1 TSP sesame oil (or more to taste) 

2-4 Droppers of Harmonic Arts Immune Depth Tincture 

2 cakes of ramen noodles 


Optional, but Suggested Toppings

Water sautéed baby bok choy 

Roasted garlic 

Roasted eggplant 

Roasted carrots 

Oven-dried cherry tomatoes 

Fried tempeh or tofu 

Chopped green onion 


How to Make Your 5 Mushroom Immunity Noodle Bowl

  1. Prep your toppings first, especially if roasting them. 
  2. Sauté onions, garlic, and ginger in a large pot over medium-high heat. 
  3. Stir occasionally until onions are lightly browned. 
  4. Add vegetable stock, mushrooms, 5 Mushroom Concentrated Powder, and Sea-Veg Blend. Bring to boil and reduce heat to simmer. 
  5. In a small jar or bowl, shake or whisk together tamari or soy sauce, miso paste, sesame oil, and a few tablespoons of broth. Add mixture to pot. 
  6. Simmer for up to 1 hour. 
  7. Finish making toppings while the broth simmers and bring a pot of water to boil for the noodles. 
  8. Boil noodles when you are ready to eat, following package instructions. 
  9. Add some hot broth to a bowl (avoiding the knob of ginger) along with Immune Depth Tincture. Add your noodles and top up with more broth. Add selected toppings. 
  10. Enjoy!  

This recipe should yield lots of broth for leftovers! Simply boil more noodles and heat up the broth as needed. Feeling under the weather? Cook up a big batch and enjoy for days while bringing your immune system back into balance. 


Click here to check out this webinar on some of our favourite immune-boosting herbal allies!


Disclaimer: We strongly advise limiting intake to one serving daily to ensure a balanced and safe experience. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before adding any new herbs to your wellness routine. 

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